A Few Good Wardrobe Organisation Tips For Men

From managing a home to organising a wardrobe, women have been praised for performing home errands for ages. Let’s face it: for a busy working man, rummaging through piles of clothes only to find a pair of socks is quite a challenge.

But today, both men and women work equally and contribute their shares in their homes. So, why would the credits for assembling a wardrobe be given to women solely? Here’s your ultimate guide by JACK&JONES to following some tips and stacking your clothes in order.

Organising By Category

Stacking your printed shirts on formals would be a mistake. On the other hand, your trousers should be hung separately from the jeans section. So, you need to store your clothes based on the categories. The following are the categories in which you can assemble your wardrobe:

  • Casual shirts that include your stripped, printed shirts, and other funky half or full-sleeve shirts
  • Business shirts that include all your formal shirts
  • Jeans stacked separately from your formal trousers section
  • Socks and underwear should have one storage (or you can separate them if you have enough space inside the wardrobe)
  • Shorts for men should have one section right next to casual T-shirts

Hanging From Light To Dark

Even if you are a minimalistic fashionista, your wardrobe will have at least five to six coloured trousers of different hues like teal green, beige, cream white, slate black, etc. So, the best way to store them is by organising them from light to dark colours.

This lets you visualise what you have so that you can grab your favourite pair during urgency without mess. These days, even shorts for men are available in various colours and prints. If you have at least four or five of them, you can hand or store them from light to dark colours.

You can also hang formal shirts based on their colours. Start with the lightest shades and then progress to the darker colours. Store your stripped and printed shirts one after the other.

Throw Away What You Don’t Wear

Wardrobe management isn’t just about storing your clothes separately so that it looks aesthetically pleasing. It’s also about decluttering the mess. So, you must get rid of clothes that you no longer wear.

For instance, if you have a perfect pair of beige-coloured shorts for men, you can throw away the old ones that have torn or become wrinkled. Donating is a sustainable act, so if the condition is still good, you can donate them to charity instead of throwing them away.

Storing Your Shoes And Socks

If your wardrobe has an additional area for shoes, you can keep your socks in that section. You can also select a section to keep your underwear and socks properly. Ensure everything is clean. If some of your clothes seem dirty, immediately wash and iron them before keeping them in your wardrobe. Attention to detail is an important concern when organising your wardrobe. Now that you understand the tips, it’s time to become independent. Follow these tips by JACK&JONES and embrace the art of wardrobe organisation.

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