Beat Your Back Pain With The Lumbo Sacral Belt

Are you aware that two out of every five adults, statistically, suffer from lower back aches? This might sound normal, though suffering from backaches is not normal. A proper posture corrector belt is pivotal. But how does one select the best product?

Viscous Next’s Lumbo Sacral Belt is a groundbreaking product that incorporates elements like gel pack ice and coccyx cushion. The incorporation of all these elements will provide you with the relief and support you need in your active lifestyle, as if you are in your second childhood. It is a perfect blend of innovation and comfort that provides seamless relaxation.

Exceptional Comfort

The unique integration of the gel pack ice provides soothing cold therapy that provides comfort. Additionally, it reduces inflammation that directly targets your pain areas. You feel comfortable and instant alleviation in pain. With constant use, users can experience instant and noticeable therapeutic alleviation in the lumbar spine. The belt is thoughtfully curated using monofilament technology to mitigate discomfort and soothe pain. You will discover a new level of mobility and ease at moving around with the belt.

The differentiator of this product is that it is crafted with a long-lasting material that has anti-fungal properties. The belt is designed for the convenience of everybody and anybody who needs immediate solace in pain. It is cautiously designed to adapt to each age group, from sportspersons, office goers, and homemakers to senior citizens.

Improved support

According to a study by the World Health Organisation, approximately 619 million people suffer from lower back pain. The pain directly affects our tailbone, situated below the spine. The lumbo sacral belt incorporates the coccyx cushion, which is particularly helpful for people suffering from tailbone issues. Those who face discomfort sitting for prolonged periods must get their hands on this futuristic belt.

Constant backache hampers our productivity and creates unbearable pangs. The belt is useful for slip discs, disc herniation, lumbar spine, and other conditions requiring mild support. 

Helps to correct posture

Another reason for severe backaches is unsupported posture, which strains the tissues in our lower back. This latex-free belt gently helps you correct your posture. The posture corrector belt prevents and reduces back pain, simultaneously training your body to stand and sit properly. The belt ensures a flawless fit and assists patients who are recovering from injuries or strains. The splints strengthen the back muscles, and the belt reduces lordosis and pelvic ante-rotation.

The Vissco Next Lumbo sacral belt offers a combination of features that provide comfort for anybody looking for a versatile back support belt. Whether you are an elderly person facing constant distress or a woman juggling work and home, the lumbo sacral belt is designed for you. A pain-free life is waiting for you; embrace it and enjoy every moment. To learn more about this revolutionary product, visit Vissco Next’s official website.

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